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McGregor vs. Mayweather

The spectacle comes to a head tonight and is overhyped and despite the logical parity, I am excited. It seems that I am not the only one that wants to see this fight, America demanded this fight. Every analyst that I have heard has said they expect Mayweather to win easily. Some put in the caveat that maybe McGregor will get lucky, despite 49 other professionals failed. Then again, there might actually be an overseas millionaire that wants to leave his fortune to me, I could get lucky, right?

One thing I always come back to is that there is a reason they play the games. The 2007 Giants upsetting the Patriots, the 1980 USA Hockey Team, Appalachian State over Michigan, Utah over Alabama in the Sugar Bowl, Cavs down 1-3 in the finals, or an 0-3 Red Sox comeback over the Yankees. Upsets happen far too often when logic dictates otherwise.

Also, wouldn’t an MMA fighter just be inherently tougher than a boxer? They are taking knees, kicks, and punches that have to land harder than overly padded gloves. When McGregor beat Diaz after going up a weight class he showed incredible moxie. There was a massive amount of punishment and McGregor won the battle. So, is it crazy to think that McGregor will be able to endure and get Mayweather? Yeah, it probably is, but we can hope right?

I hope McGregor can win. Mayweather’s history of domestic violence makes him the villain in this fight. McGregor’s no saint, but he does have a feel good story that is easy to root for. Nevertheless the spectacle may be more fun than the fight, so live it up. Today will be a fun day. College football opener, and a fight that America demanded. Carpè Díem.

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