Super Bowl Prediction

Super Bowl 51.  I have listened to many sports podcasts and have been reading article after article all week.  Talked to my friends and during radio row I have heard many current and former players and analysts weigh in.  Which is what brings me to my opinion:

The Patriots Cover

Of course, there was no way I was going to pick any other team.  But, the real question is, “Do I always pick the Patriots because I like being right, or becuase I like them?”  Who knows, nevertheless they are my pick.

The Patriots have a weak schedule and haven’t been tested this year.  Their best win was against the Steelers last week in the AFC Championship and they dominated.  Their defense held the Steelers offense to less than 20  points and dominated the game from start to finish.  The Steelers, like the Falcons, had a prolific offense.  Back in 2001 the Patriots stopped the greatest show on turf and upset them.  Many would point out that the Patriots defense was the strength, which held the Rams to 17 points.  There is reason to belive that this Falcons team is comparable.

While, I agree that this Patriots defense isn’t as good as that years, their offense certainly is.  Brady and Belichick have now played in 6 of these and have won 4 of them.  They have dynamic receivers and running backs and have been able to play successfully against many teams.  The Patriots defense will hold the Falcons to under 30 and I believe the Patriots will score more than 30.

Many have pointed out that the Falcons defense  played well over the last part of the season.  Their opponents were 2nd and 3rd tier teams.  Green Bay last week was depleted and this week they are going to face the greatest quarterback of all time.  I understand, Ryan doesn’t have to beat the legacy of Tom Brady today, just his performance, but I doubt that he will be able to be as effective against the Patriots defense as Brady will be against the Falcons defense.

Brady will take advantage of the young Falcon players and will be the undisputed greatest of all time.  Go Pats!



How Belichick will attack Atlanta in Super Bowl 51

Belichick on Mike Lombardi

Mike Lombardi for the Ringer:

“Belichick’s first quarter will be all about building a lead and learning Atlanta’s plan. Taking away Julio Jones, eliminating the big play, setting the edge, creating the lead early, stopping the run — those are not independent thoughts. Belichick ties them together and makes them work together. If football were as simple as “taking away what the opponent does best,” then we wouldn’t be constantly bemoaning the lack of quality NFL coaching. Bill Belichick has lasted this long because he knows football is more complicated than that.”

I love listening to Mike Lombardi and reading him.  He spent  time working with Bill Belichick in Cleveland with the Browns and in New England with the Patriots.  He seems to be very knowledgeable and Belichick himself said that Lombardi is one of the smartest football guys.  I’ll be looking for this gameplan on Sunday to see if he was right, and to see if the Patriots will be able to execute the gameplan.

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