Justice League

Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Flash, Aquaman

The Justice League Trailer hit the internet and expectations for DC’s new blockbuster were set. It’s a great trailer and I am all in on seeing this movie. I am married with four kids, so I only see about 4-5 movies a year: my birthday, Valentines, anniversary, and 1 or 2 movies with the kids. So, the fact that this movie is in the top 5 movies this year says something. Maybe not too much, because, without a trailer I was going to go to this movie either way.  I am all in on Batman, whether, it is the Gold Standard (Dark Knight Series) or even the bad ones (Clooney, and Kilmer).  The trailer introduced the characters, showed you some action, made you laugh, and we didn’t have to see Superman.

My first takeaway, they nailed Aquaman. I am not familiar with Aquaman, besides snippets of the Justice League cartoon my son watches. He is like Thor in the Avengers, not afraid of a good fight, light hearted, and likes to drink.  Previously, Aquaman had never appealed to me.  After this trailer, you might as well sign me up to purchase his standalone movie as well.

Batman takes center stage as the architect of the Justice League.  His toys are incredible and his Batmobile wrecks havoc.  There is a scene where he is fighting an alien robot and he takes him out by grapple hooking into the robot pummeling it. This reminds me of his move in the video game Injustice, which is a nice easter egg.  The fighting seems a lit bit more superheroish, than the Dark Knight movies, that were more realistic.  Bruce Wayne himself actually answers the questions of whether or not he is a superhero, which is my favorite line in the trailer.  

There is no Superman to be seen.  I didn’t realize this until after the trailer was over.  They do show a picture of Lois Lane, but other than that nothing about Superman. Surprisingly, Doomsday killed him for longer than a couple of days, but I know it won’t be forever.  I am sure though, that he wouldn’t have died, but Batman had thrown him around and beat him like the lesser overhyped meathead that he is before his sacrificial death.

The villain?  I have no idea.   The truth of the matter is that I am not familiar with any Justice League villains, besides Lex Luthor and The Joker.  Who is a big enough force to need the entire Justice League?  Stereotypically, it will be an alien race with some all-powerful creature.  This will be good enough, as long as there are plenty of henchmen for them to tear through, and an actual Villain with form.  If we get another cosmic force like in the Green Lantern, I wil boycott DC movies.  Loki, was a great villain in the Avenger’s movie, I hope DC delivers.  A good movie can go to great with a good character villain.

Lastly, it seems that this movie is breaking away from the darker themes.  This seems much more like a Marvel movie.  They have injected humor into the diaglogue, which seemed more absent from the previous movies.  The overall themes may be darker, but it seems to be a replica of the Avenger movie.  Which is fantastic, because I love the Avenger’s movies.  I Can’t wait for this movie, besides when Superman will surely show up in the end and like a Captain Planet episode save the day.  

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